GB House Clearance offers services for every clearance issue. We clear from flats and houses with gardens down to offices or warehouses. No room is too small or too big, no floor is too high.  Special clearance requests just like stairlift or carpets clearances are not a problem for our highly experienced team.  Underneath you find a selection of the common requested services.

You can’t find your clearance issue underneath? Don’t worry, for sure we can help you out. Just give us a call or email us for more information.


    • House Clearance
    • Flat Clearance
    • Walden control
    • Loft Clearance
    • Garage Clearance
    • Garden Clearance
    • Waste Clearance
    • Storage Units
    • Carpets Clearance
    • Stairlifts Clearance


    • Office Clearance
    • End of tenancy
    • Land lords
    • Warehouse Clearance


Makes our service cheaper and greener!

In terms of our work we always try to recycle as  much as possible, as recycling offers a great opportunity to reduce costs for our clients and at the same time to improve the overall environmental performance.  Over 90% of house clearances waste like metal, wood, plastic and paper we can guarantee to recycle.


As important as recycling is the donation of unwanted items to local charity organizations. After finishing house clearance, we try to donate everything we can to our various charity partners with who we work on a daily basis. Doesn’t matter how small the donation appears, every little helps and we are always happy to support charity.