1. What do you clear?

GB House Clearances offers a wide range of services. We do residential clearance as much as commercial clearance. No Item is too bulky,  no house is too big. We take care of small rubbish collections as much as we clear full houses or offices. Our experienced team can help you with every clearance issue and provide the service you desire. Have a look here at some of our common clearance services. For services which aren’t mentioned in that section don’t hesitate to contact us, for sure we are able to help you out.

2. Are you a licensed waste carrier?

GB House Clearance is officially registered as a waste carrier and a holder of a waste carrier license. If you wish to see our license, just let us know and we can either send you a copy or show you the document on the date of clearance.

3. What is your standard quote?

Unfortunately,  in our business, it’s not the best solution to create a pricing system based on a standard quote, especially for our clients, as this can lead to less cost-efficient quotes than the individual ones.  Dumping fees and labour vary with the amount, size and weight of the items. This is why we prefer to view the job in advance before we give you a reliable quote. Therefore we offer to arrange a viewing appointment for free, which is not binding for you. After viewing the job we come back with an accurate quote, including all cost, on the same day. Another benefit of getting the job viewed is that you have the possibility to get an impression of our service & professionalism upfront. We understand, that especially when the clearance issue is urgent and needs to be sorted within a certain time frame, arranging a viewing appointment can cause time problems. In this case, we offer to send us pictures or videos of the clearance issues, this will work for us as well and we get back with a quote as soon as we get them.

4. What happens to the rubbish you clear?

All the non-reusable rubbish goes to registered Waste and Recycling Management sites where it is sorted and recycled. Usable items like for example clothing or small functioning goods we are happy to donate as much as possible to our charity partners. If there is a charity organization you would like to support specifically, let us know on the date of clearance and we will follow your wish.

5. Do you need me to be around while the job gets done?

From our experience, we can tell that most people choose to pop out while the job gets done. This has the advantage specifically when it comes to clearances in terms of bereavements, clients do not have to deal with distressing feelings. Having this in mind we are happy to work independently. Before we arrive to clear the property we will ask the client to take away or mark all the items which are important and shouldn’t be taken by us. This allows us to proceed with the clearance efficiently without interruptions. If any personal items (for example paperwork) will be found, which the client doesn’t want to keep, we ensure it will dispose of in a secure way, in terms of data security.

6. When can you get the job done?

GB House Clearance’s philosophy is to work around the client, therefore let us know until when the clearance needs to be done and what days or time frame is convenient for you. We will do our best to arrange a clearance date according to your wish. Depending on the required service it is possible for us to offer a same day / next day availability, don’t hesitate to call us, to find out if this is an option for your issue.

7. What payment methods do you offer?

The payment is always on completion. You can choose between paying cash or bank transfer on the date of clearance. We provide you with an invoice if required, just let us know. Our service doesn’t require any deposit or pre-payment.

8. Can you guarantee to clear it all?

As we offer viewing appointments in advance our experts are able to value the amount of work and time. Before we arrange the date of clearance we let you know an approximate time frame. In case the property is very big we let you know if the clearance might take more than one day. For sure we won’t leave you with uncleared items and we won’t ask for any payment until the property is cleared to your satisfaction.