3 bedroom house and garage Clearance in North London

As you can tell from our service site, we are an all rounder when it comes to clearance services. Sometimes require more then one property clearance or an additional clearance service ( e.g. shed, lofts and garages). This is where we can offer you a clearance package. We make sure we won’t leave until you are happy with the end result. Depending on the amount of items which need clearance, our services can take a couple of hours up to a couple of days. If we are not able to finish a service the same day, we will let you know upfront. Be sure, that we always aim to work as efficient as possible and wouldn’t waste time for no reason.

How we worked:

Before coming to the job, we asked the client there’s nothing they wish to keep. When we arrived, there were no items which the client didn’t want to go. Therefore we were able to get started right away. As this job was very versatile in terms of the content, it was necessary for us to come up with a clearance plan upfront. We decided to divide the stuff we were supposed to clear in 5 main categories, this would ease the recycling and dumping process afterwards.

We initiated the clearance process in the house, by bagging up grouped items and placing the bags in front of the house. After that we dismantled all the furniture and place the bulky bits also in front of the house. Once we emptied all 3 rooms, we continued the process in the garage. Eventually all rooms and the garage were clear, loaded the van with all the bags and items. It was tight but we manage to carry all of it in one van load. A big of amount of the items needed dumping, but a couple of high quality items we could save and donated those to charities.



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