Big House Clearance in North London

Everyone has been in this situation. Little spontaneous purchases here and there and we end up with goods we don’t really need or let’s put it this way, we wouldn’t miss in our lives. But who’s got the time to keep track of those unwanted items ? It’s not only time consuming to go through this stuff on a regular base, but it can be also frustrating. Over the years this behavior can lead to an accumulated possession of redundant items and become a problem when it comes to the sale of the house or relocation. We know how inconvenient this can be, therefore we are happy to help our clients out.

How we worked:

As usual we asked the client to remove the items which are important and should be kept upfront. As this job was a bigger one, the client needed some extra help with this. Therefore our team arrived early, while one of the members helped the client to collect the remaining personal goods, the other two team members started to remove bulky items. When there were only items left which needed clearance, the whole team bagged and boxed those items up. And filled little by little the van with bags and boxes. A lot of the items were not suitable for donation and were selected to be recycled or dumped straight away at a local garbage dump. Nevertheless because of our thoroughly inspections we could determine some of the goods as potential donations.



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