House clearance including carpet clearance

However, when the owner changes it is time to get rid of the old carpets. As removing carpets by yourself can turn out quite challenging, you should consider to get professional help. Experienced also in this type of clearance, our team was able to process this full house clearance including carpets. This kind of job requires not only muscle strength, but also accuracy and carefulness, in order to deliver a clean result as shown in the pictures.

How we worked:

Before starting, we asked the client to sort out, what items needs clearance and which one should be kept. When we arrived the client made clear that all items in the house needed clearance. In order to start with the clearance process, we removed all bulky furniture and items. After that we collected all small items. Last but not least important, we took the carpets out. This didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. Starting off in one corner of the room, the carpet didn’t come of straight away. Therefore it was necessary to cut the carpet into 6 inch by 6 inch squares in order to help the process started. After resolving that little trouble it all went as planned. The client was very happy with the result, as he returned to a fully cleared house. Before closing the job and dumping the unwanted goods, we sorted stuff by material to decide, what parts could be recycled or donated. It is very important to maintain an environmental friendly service, that is the reason why we take the time to meet the recycling requirements during the dumping process.



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