5 Bedroom house and garden shed clearance

A full house and shed clearance wasn’t one of the easiest jobs. But GB House Clearance managed to provide a full house & shed clearance to customers satisfaction within the estimated time.

How we worked

While one team member started to bag up smaller items inside the house, two other team members took the bulky furniture apart, if possible and carried it carefully out of the house. Making sure, that no interior walls get damaged. Once we placed all bulky items safely onto the van, we could continue to fill the van with the remaining small furniture, boxes and bagged up items.

Most of the stuff we could recycle, some of it we had to dump. But there were also a couple of items left, which we found were suitable for donations. Therefore we chose a local charity and took the donations there.

Loading Unwanted Items Ready for Removal 

Internal House Clearance

Internal & External House and Garden Shed Clearance 

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